Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

Privacy Policy

OfficialNnamdi Blog is owned by Maduka, Nnamdi and it started in the year 2015. This blog comprises of posts by the admin, editor, authors and contributors. Also, guest posts are not exempted. All posts are original and not copied.    Note that any personal information submitted on the blog especially while commenting remains private as displayed during submission. We do not give out our subscribers or readers details to anyone or organization as this is inappropriate.


– Feel free to share your thoughts and comments only if it doesn’t involve any form of abuse or insult. (Any form of such would be deleted and if repeated consequently, would be blocked from commenting on this blog)

– Everyone who visits this blog or reads posts is free to share the article to various platforms but must not forget to give credit to the source.

– No form of sexual or vulgar language should be posted on the blog.

– You may send your articles to us via the CONTACT US but any submission must be aligned with the blog’s niche.

– You may apply to join the team on the OfficialNnamdi Blog.

– Our products and logo are not be used without our permission. Neither should our logo be dubbed.


OfficialNnamdi Blog’s team really appreciates you for visiting today; Come back whenever. Your opinions always count and remember LIFE IS WORTH LIVING.