Fri. Aug 14th, 2020


OfficialNnamdi Blog is owned by Maduka-Okezie, Nnamdi but supported by different brands and individuals. This blog started in the year 2015- 7th of December to be precise and we owe God and you as well our gratitude. This blog was created with the hope of inspiring everyone out there; to show that LIFE IS WORTH LIVING. But hello! What’s all the inspiration without entertainment? Luckily, my passion kicked in as well- fashion. And then entertainment followed. Now, we’ve summed it all up and it still flows with our mantra- LIFE IS WORTH LIVING. OfficialNnamdi Blog is an inspirational, lifestyle, fashion and entertainment blog where we try to prove to you that life is worth living. All posts are original either written by the admin or authors and guest writers.

One man can change the world- Big Sean said. But it would be such a Herculean task and so I urge you all to support the movement. We love and appreciate you all. Reach us by reading our CONTACT US.

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