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Teenage Jungle 

You know this space, where best friends become strangers, lollipops turn cigarettes, innocent ones turns sluts, homework turns trash soda becomes vodka and pecks and kisses turns sex Remember when getting high meant swinging high on the playground or running in circles, when protection meant wearing helmets, when the worst thing to get from boys […]

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Life in Bodyville

Sitting on one of the lounge chairs in the VIP section of “Nature Bar“, which was the most exotic of bars in the neighborhood. Brain waited patiently for his friends, he had already made reservations for a table of six. He wore a white packet shirt on the inside and graced it with a grey […]

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The Expedition: Episode 2 ;Fortunate Encounter

‘Come fast Blaise.’ called his partner. Their clothes were dirty and their shoes dusty. Everyone was tired of seeing those enormous and rigid looking rocks and hence the expedition. Blaise being the leader of the team, felt worried as he bore the responsibility for the whole trip on his shoulders and hence its outcome, which […]