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What is business without promotion and advertisement? Working so hard to make an impact but people are barely seeing what you are up to- that’s very sad.

So many business and brand owners come up with great concepts and ideas but we only get to hear about some which brings about the question of what went wrong? Poor advertisement, probably.

We understand the power of good advertisement and promotion and that’s why we are offering you different packages through our platform to get your business or brand across to thousands of people in Nigeria, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, Ghana, Germany and so many other countries. We also can’t deny the impact of IG and Twitter Advertisement so we’ve teamed up with so many other pages to satisfy you. With over 18,000 subscribers we got you covered

•We promote artist •Brand collaborations

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Read more about our packages to select the one that suites you.


This package helps you advertise your brand, business, company, etc as a post on the blog. With thousands of subscribers receiving a new post alert in their mail, don’t you think it’s worth it. Not to mention so many others that visit daily



Advertise within posts for as long as you may desire. This could be in the form of a banner or a flier which works better. Or it could also work well alongside a regular post ad.

This works alongside a regular post. It’s one of the best package as the top corner of posts displays a banner to your advert.


Advertise with a banner or flier on the side bar by the right hand side of the blog on every page or post.

This is one special package for advertisement which can’t be hidden and would always be displayed on the homepage before any post.

Get your brand banner to be displayed on the footer of the blog; below every posts or page on the blog.

All ads perform and work better alongside a regular post while the corner posts ad and top slider ad must have a regular post.

Thank you for choosing us. Expecting to hear from you soon.