2 Chainz blasts NBA over Celebrity All-Star Game snub

2 Chainz thinks he might be blacklisted by the NBA. The rapper took to Instagram to share a lengthy message about his relationship with the basketball league. He suggested that the reason he hasn’t been invited to play in the Celebrity All-Star game is because of an incident that occurred in 2013. He said that he apologized on behalf of his friend who allegedly insulted a female NBA staff member. Despite this, he feels like they continue to disrespect him.

“HEY @nba YOU HAVE NEVER REACHED OUT FOR ME TO PLAY AND TO CLEAR SOME THINGS UP BECAUSE IT FEELS LIKE IVE BEEN GETTIN SHITTED ON BY THE LEAGUE SINCE 2013 when SOMEONE IN MY CAMP APPARENTLY CALLED A WOMAN OUT OF HER NAME at the game .,,saying he felt disrespected , David Stern was still in office , ANYWAY !!he was wrong and I apologized on this behalf !!IM ONE OF @nba BIGGEST SUPPORTERS and BARELY GET “COURTSIDE” TIX EVERY ALLSTAR ITS SOMETHING 😤 there I had to vent I’m over it! #raporgototheleague,”

via 2chainz Instagram post

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