Top 20 Celebrity Investors | Part 3

Hollywood’s biggest celebrities are investing millions into new ideas that they are hoping will become the next big thing. From Tech to Stocks, celebs are bringing their connections and capital to the table.

These stars have understood that more money could be made than the the paycheck from that movie, game, brand, business, fashion line and endorsements. Guess what? A few stars have even made more money off investing than their career!

So you want to know how the stars are investing their money? Here are the top celebrity investors making big moves and redefining themselves through their investments. 


Gwyneth Paltrow is another celebrated actress turned lifestyle-brand guru and venture capitalist. Not only has Ms. Paltrow seen tremendous success on-screen, but she has also parlayed her off-screen venture; health and wellness brand, Goop, into a multi-million dollar company.

In addition to her own company, the Avengers actress has also invested in many other transformative startups. These companies include Daily Harvest, an organic health food startup and kid’s clothing subscription box service, Rocket of Awesome. Most recently, and much to the world’s surprise, the queen of diets has also become an early investor in Universal Standard, the world’s first fully size-inclusive brand.

Paltrow continues to develop and invest in her passion projects, hoping to change the world one transformative startup at a time.  

Most Notable Investments: Goop, Daily Harvest, Rocket of Awesome, Universal Standard


Ryan Seacrest has long been known as one of the busiest people in Hollywood. However, besides just being the official busiest man in showbiz, over the years he has also become one of the most active investors in the tech world.

The former American Idol host has smartly invested in countless up-and-coming and well-established tech companies. From popular social network, Pinterest, to meditation app Headspace and social impact network ATTN:, just to name a few.

Seacrest tends to invest in media and entertainment companies, both solo and through his investment company, Seacrest Global Group. More importantly, he seems to solely back products and companies he believes in and uses himself.

Most Notable Investments: Headspace, Pinterest, Stamped, FlightCar, DigiTour Media, Attn

22. DR DRE

Legendary rapper and producer Dr. Dre is also a legendary entrepreneur and investor. And it only took one major hit to make him one of the wealthiest people in the music industry.

Beats by Dre took the headphone world by storm. Beats went beyond everyone’s expectations when Apple bought the company for a whopping $3 Billion, netting the rap mogul over a half a million dollars in profits.

As it turns out; the musical master is just as savvy in investments as he is in the studio and Dre knows the value of hard work. This summer Dr. Dre is set to receive his Apple stocks options, worth more than $100 million.

Most Notable Investments: Beats by Dre




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