Paul Pogba takes shot at his former manager, Jose Mourinho

Manchester United Midfielder, Paul Pogba has just fired shots at his former manager, Jose Mourinho after United’s latest win under new manager, Ole Gunnar Solkjaer.

Pogba’s two goal helped United to a 4-1 win over Huddersfield, the team’s third straight win on the bounce since the sacking of Mourinho. The French midfielder has now scored four goals and three assists, which is more than his return in his last 17 games under Mourinho. His brace is also the first time a United player has scored consecutive braces in the premier league since Wayne Rooney in December 2012.

Speaking after the game, Pogba said: “A football team needs to enjoy playing football.” He said, taking a sly dig at Mourinho who employed a pragmatic approach at United.

“We still won some games with the old manager, but we are more offensive now. We have a more attacking style.” He added.

“Obviously, we needed the win and we had a great performance as well so we’re coming back, but we still have a long way to go.”

Pogba’s relationship with Mourinho took a sour turn after Pogba criticised Mourinho’s tactics and went further south when Mourinho alienated the world cup winner.

After the former Chelsea manager was sacked, Pogba posted a photo of himself smiling along with the message: “Caption this.”

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