First Taste

It was a period of eternal bliss,

A time of gentle thrills.

The lush sounds of her voice,

Slithering through my lucid thoughts.

and Making straight every crooked path.

Beyond the depths of the sea,

Above the clouds in the sky,

There was none like it.


She dropped into my bleeding heart.

An euphoric feeling,

One i longed to have sung from my lips,

One I craved to have soothe my inner being.

In drops,

With a rush,

It streams right through my skin.

Adding blushes,

That glows amidst the dark.

Adding blushes,

That removes every scars.

Oh! My.

I would live to savour this moment,

I would live to savour this taste,

Trickling from her lips

and Seeping beneath her skin.

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