Tips to Smell Good: A Guide For Men

In our everyday life, waking up to a whole new day and getting to feel the fresh air of our environment can be very lovely and soul lifting, but we all get to cross path with people that we wished we never crossed a path in our daily activities, because of how they make us gag and the odour from there body disrupt the beautiful fresh air around us.

I will be dishing out tips on how to smell good for various men out there, if You have a boyfriend or a friend that has this attribute this is a must read for all of them.

There are so many reasons, why a man might have a bad breath, sweaty feet, the wrong cologne or even dirty clothes which you either dont wash or air, be rest assured that there are easy ways to tackle bad body smells.

How to prevent body odour.

  • Bath daily or twice if possible with a good bathing soap.
  • Apply a good cologne or perfume.
  • Get rid of excess body hair e.g under the arms and private part.
  • Use deodorant under your arm at all times.
  • For mouth odour, always brush twice daily for fresh breath and proper oral hygiene.
  • Avoid garlic and onion for atleast 12 hours before an outing.
  • For smelly and sweaty feet, always apply foot spray and learn to dry your shoe under the sun.
  • Wash your clothes regularly and change your underwears daily.
  • Always dry your  clothes out in the sun to kill bacteria.

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