Fine Wine

The skies glittered in all its splendour,

For it was a day to make merry.

With gentle  strides we walked down  the aisle,

Holding hands,

and brandishing smiles.

Our  souls became as one.

Back to our abode we went,

To live as newly weds.

Just when I thought all was a bliss,

My old nemesis came calling.

Like an angry lion it came charging.

Nothing you did appealed to me,

Nothing you said made meaning.

I became a shadow;

Always hiding from the light.

To  appease the monster in me,

I would hit you.

To let the rage out of me,

I would shout at you.

In pains you cried!

I had forgotten my vows.

I was becoming a beast,

Torn between two worlds.

On my floor of regret I sat and thought;

“But, women are a beauty from God”

“To be loved and cared for”

“To be protected and cherished”


Let’s become united

and have this monster put to bay.

Let’s turn those drop of tears into songs.

As a Phoenix rises from its remains,

So would my marriage vow spring to life,

So would my love be as fresh as new.

And I would love you Everyday till the very Last day.


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