Last Dance with the Devil

The onset of dusk sired anguish, 

For It gnashed and mauled at my soul.

No sun adorned the skies,

Like a coward it hid beneath the clouds.

The wolves growled!

and the demons scowled.

It was blood night;

the feast for the damned,

a tussle for the crown.

Lucifer in all his might,

drenched in the blood of different kinds,

Fought and sought to have my soul.

“Oh my” I screamed!

Groaning with tears flowing like streams,

A fall I made beyond my widest dreams.

Just when I thought all was lost,

Light as bright as the morning sun,

Flickered through the earth’s crust.

Lucifer and his cohorts scampered into hiding.

The torment was over.

I lived to see the break of dawn.

This was my last brawl,

This was my last dance with the DEVIL!

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