Die Alone

Vain man!

Insatiable with your wants

And entrenched in your greed.

Your fate awaits you 

In a place of torment,

In a place for the dammed,

In a place where no precious stone saves you,

Where the stench of death is all you would savour.

Vain man!

“Why feed just your belly?”

“Why enrich your pocket

And starve your heart of the necessary?”

But you cast leftovers to the gutters 

And dig up earth to store your wealth.

Beware! Vain man,

The Savage beasts seeks your soul

And shall tear you into tiny bits

With their sharp claws and paws.

Your days stay numbered,

For your casket would be carved out of your wealth.

Empty you shall depart,

Because on earth you failed to impart.


Are you leaving without sharing your opinion?