Mona Lisa by Kunzy


My queen, can I call you Mona Lisa?

Do you want a full poem, or you want just a teaser?

When you smile, my heart becomes the opposite of a freezer

She’s not a property, so no one can try to lease her

My queen, my world

Left or right, you give me the best of both worlds

I’ll fight for you anytime, I’ve got my sword

If my sword breaks, then I’ve got my word

They can’t take that away from me

They can’t take you away from me

You and I are meant to be

And I care not if caring for you isn’t free


My queen, my angel

Your lips taste better than the most perfect bagel

I’ve fallen for you, I’m still falling and I don’t mind if I’m landing on gravel

Is that enough proof of my love for you? Let the judge bang his gavel


My Mona Lisa

You are the main meal, those girls are just like other pizza

Come on with me on vacation, let’s to Ibiza

I’m giving you my recognition now, I’m giving what’s due to Ceaser to Ceaser

Or in this case, my Mona Lisa

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