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Over the years, I have read a lot of articles from blogs and magazines on tips to getting taller. I mean, proven ways; starting from when it is in the gene to accumulating a huge chunk of protein in your diet, exercising and lastly, the most expensive of them all; the limb lengthening surgery which cost about $85,000. This surgery is proven to increase an individual’s height by about 5 inches extra. But today, I’ll be introducing you to Chamaripa Elevator shoes that make you look taller by 3-5 inches. Chamaripa Shoes is a company that specializes in elevator shoes that meet your need for every occasion and event

Chamaripa Shoes is a top company that has been meeting the demands and needs of customers all over the world for over 21 years and counting. They focus on shoes that make you taller. Chamaripa Shoes provides the best men and women’s elevator shoes with unrivaled quality and 100% genuine leather. A pose with the Chamaripa Elevator Shoes commands a huge load of fashion dexterity

They have men’s shoes for different classes ranging from;

Chamaripa Dress Shoes- This is available in the Brogues, Loafers, Oxfords, Derbys and Monks

Chamaripa Boots

Chamaripa Casual Shoes- Boat/ Deck shoes and Slip on shoes

Chamaripa Sneaker- Low Top Sneaker, High Top Sneakers and Slip on Sneakers

Chamaripa Sandals- Summer Sandals

Chamaripa Bespoke Shoes- Luxury shoes and Custom shoes.

Women’s elevator shoes are also available.

Why am I particular about this brand?

They provide shoes for every occasion

Chamaripa Shoes meet your needs for every occasion and event. These height increasing shoes are available in sneakers, formal shoes, casual shoes and sandals, they’ve got it all.

They are beautiful

Chamaripa Shoes are made from real leather using quality calf skin, with shapes like normal shoes that blend-in but STAND OUT.

They increase your height by a valuable 3-5 inches.

They conceal the extra height

These height increasing shoes make you look taller invisibly. That means someone cannot notice you are wearing elevator shoes as they look like every formal or casual shoe from the outside. Chamaripa Shoes don’t only increase your height but it does this perfectly without being noticeable.

They are comfortable

Chamaripa shoes provides an extra comfort when compared to other brands owing to its unique anatomy consisting of the Upper Leather, Leather Insoles (Increasing layer), Mid Insoles and Outer soles

They can be tailored to suit you

Chamaripa also offers the service of making shoes to tailor your needs and expected look. They could change the color of the shoe you want, remove the lining on the shoe and even change the color of the sole of the shoe. They do this for an extra charge of $30-$50. And they are still elevator shoes

They have a return policy

Chamaripa shoes offers a return policy which is valid within the period of 30 days after receiving your shoe; as long as they have not been worn outdoor or on concrete and pictures should be provided.


Most women find taller man more attractive

Taller men are picture perfect especially when standing next to a lady in heels.

Efficient delivery means

Unlike some other companies, Chamaripa shoes ship every order package using international express companies ( DHL/ FEDEX)

It is very useful



Fashion shoots

Office workers



And now do you know what shoes make you taller? Then what are you waiting for? Explore the huge catalogue of shoes that Chamaripa has in store for you HERE

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