Teenage Jungle 

You know this space, where best friends become strangers, lollipops turn cigarettes,

innocent ones turns sluts, homework turns trash

soda becomes vodka and pecks and kisses turns sex

Remember when getting high meant swinging high on the playground or running in circles,

when protection meant wearing helmets,

when the worst thing to get from boys were injuries

when Dad’s hands were the safest place to be and Mom was your hero?

when your “haters” and enemies were your siblings?

when race issues were about who ran the fastest and the only drug you knew were Panadol?

when wearing short skirts only made you more pretty and goodbyes meant until tomorrow?

when all you ever wanted, was to go to church, sing so loud and be back at school, playing pranks with your friends?

We all said we wanted to grow up, instead we got lost in the teenage jungle..


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