I’ve experienced a lot in this life that I just smile and say to myself “Life goes on”. Friends are rare, finding the right friend is like finding a treasure buried deep in the ground. Before you choose the kind of friends you want to stick with, I beg you choose wisely because the kind of company you engage yourself with will either make or break you.
Do not really rely on the outward appearance when choosing your friend maybe he/she is so cool or damn! she’s so talented instead focus on the inner self and what he/she has to offer.

Life is not a bed of roses neither is it a fun-filled adventure or a fairytale before you earn a penny you’ve got to sweat for it so if eventually you stick with the right friends you’ll end up in pounds. I was going through my contacts and I realized that they’re some people that are just taking space in my memory so I had to delete them. This also applies in friendship if you feel they’re some people that are just taking up space in your life CUT THEM OFF! I’m not only talking about other people I’m also talking about ourselves because we can also be a distraction to people that call us friends so before you start criticizing others, ask yourself “Am I really a true friend or am I a distraction? How have I affected the lives of others around me? Have I brought someone down with the way I acted or with the words I spoke?” Check yourself thoroughly and amend your ways if there’s anywhere you’ve gone wrong.

A reverend once told me “be careful with the kind of friends you keep!” Since then it has been on my mind lately.. I just pray God will give us the grace to know our true friends and also to cut off the meaningless ones from our lives. The rate at which young people lose their lives is due to the bad advice given to them by these so called friends.

Make your God, future and family your no.1 priority in this life, do not go around pleasing others because it’s not everyone that’ll appreciate what you do, they’ll always see some kind of fault in it.. Live your life to the fullest, less friends less drama, be yourself and the right people will come to you. Sadly how those people you send hugs and kisses to are not the real ones. It just baffles me when I see someone I call my friend not stand up for me when I’m in trouble,if I don’t greet you first you won’t say hi to me;what kind of friend does that. Anyways, Just make the right decisions by disengaging yourself before life disengages you.

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