It’s Inspiration that I lack || By Alumona, George Chinonso

“It’s inspiration that I lack, I no get inspiration” Tunji was at it again, his orthodox excuse. You no go believe if I tell you say na him sixteenth big idea wey him dey get within the space of three years. Tunji sef na one kind funny guy oh, he’s asking for inspiration. What bigger inspiration is there other than the fact that you feel the calling in your heart to fulfill a worthy cause that’ll enrich your pockets. I just wonder what other inspiration he’s looking for. This is someone that’ll concieve beautiful and highly marketable ideas in his mind but would never even make the first step to implement them. I remember when he had this mad idea for a blog of his own, that’s not all oh, what about the one he had about groceries? Once he had one about a night club. Ideas wey people dey envy oh. Me sef I was just wandering how the guy use to just gather all these thoughts in his mind and put them together to form this badass business idea. He was the kind of brain Google, Yahoo or even Zukerberg would demand for. He’s girlfriend won’t allow anybody hear word again sef. Always saying that Tunji is different from all of us, that he’s a demi-god.


Some people ask, if na so the guy take dey creative, why him never blow? Lovely question. Tunji is the laziest person on earth. What’s worse? he blames it on lack of inspiration, or he’ll say that his girlfriend takes too much of his time. “I hardly get my own time”. This guy must be a fool oh! Emeka even took one of his ideas and is working his ass off trying to bring it to life. Tunji still dey there dey talk say “Nigerians no go like this kind package” or “Where I go get money do this kind thing” I never even tell you the worst ones – “Person never do am before” or “Niggas go laugh me”. That’s why he’s unable to implement these ideas, bring them to life. He’s busy sharing ideas other people are using to turn themselves into potential billionaires. He’s busy blaming it on precedences around him forgetting that when circumstances refuse to change, we have to change them.

The number of Tunjis in this generation is startling. One of them is reading this right now. You’re leaving success for tomorrow. It seems you didn’t know Earl Nightingale described success as “a progressive realisation of a worthy ideal”. Mr. Nightingale is simply saying that if you’re progressing towards a worthy goal, then you’re successful. Many might disagree with this, but even if you disagree, you have to agree that only a man progressing towards the realisation of a worthy goal would be successful. Several people go to their graves with their music still in them, they never played it even once. That’s why we keep enriching the grave yards – we take our talents there with us in the time of our deaths. You dey fall hand if you’re gonna sit in front of your stove and tell God to light it before you add kerosene? You want your teacher to give you an ‘A’ then you’ll start working hard? You’re full of shit! Instead of coming to occupying space on earth, you might as well have just been a carrot or yam. The good things of life come to those that work for them. Luck is when opportunity meets preparation – that’s the best feeling ever!

Get the fuck up! Pick yourself up! Stop laying around waiting for magic to occur! Excuses always sound best to people who make them. When you grow old and look back at your youth, its not the things you did that haunt you, its the things you didn’t do! Ultimately, pray for God’s guidance, he’ll iluminate your the path.

Alumona, Chinonso George

Trying not be a Tunji, you should too

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