Make a difference not just a living- Alumona, Chinonso George

Make a difference not just a living- Alumona, Chinonso George

Senior man,

How far, I dey hail oh! Since you commot for house things don change. Everything we enjoyed has disappeared. Gen don spoil sef. Nobody to repair am as me sef no sabi do am. We seriously miss you. Your babe sef, Tayo, she dey house since dey cry say she want make you come back. Things don really change as you commot. Mummy sef the thing don tire her, her eyes have been wet say she dey miss you. Even Mr. Okoye came around oh, with his wife sef. They came to thank you for all the good you did for their child. Even the estate chairman really misses you. He said the street no dey as e dey before you commot. He said you always brought this unique serenity and glamour to the estate whenever you’re around. Me sef I don dey envy you. I wish I could really be important and missed like this. Senior man abeg do come back make everything return to normal.


You know that feeling right? When you get a letter like this from anyone, from home, from a boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse or whoever. You know how it feels – so wonderful. It tickles your fancy to know that you’re important. E be like say make the praises no stop. In fact, you go won run meet that person since you’ve been told how important you are. You go feel so pleased with yourself and fulfilled. The little thing you did is appreciated. You’ll even be eager to do more. Yeah! That feeling right? Its splendid ehn. Chai!That’s how the world should feel at your death. Occupants of the world you’re leaving behind should cry and weep when they remember you’ve left the world. They should curse death when they remember it’s not going to be the same without you. Even if they’re not sure of what the future holds without you, they’ll take the world with you everyday than without you. They know you’ve made idiosyncratic effects to their lives. You’ve not only made a living, you’ve made a difference. This is what we should all strive to achieve. We should leave a mark on this world that can’t be over-looked when we’re gone. The truth is every human that has crossed the surface of the earth has made a difference, whether good or bad – it’s just that some people make so insignificant an impact that no one notices. Even in death, they are hardly missed by a handful of people. So pick a choice today, are you just going to end up like every other person? No one gives a fuck if you’re alive or dead? Your village doesn’t celebrate you? Your state doesn’t? You just another ordinary citizen of your nation? Your continent doesn’t acknowledge your presence? The world has better things to think about? Remember though that if we can have the courage to do what other can’t do now, then we’re sure to reach heights others can’t. If you haven’t made your decision, go through this write up again. Go through it again and again until the whole idea saturates your being. Remember ultimately to pray for God’s guidance, it’s infinitely important to.

Alumona, Chinonso George Trying to make a difference, you should too


When we asked to know more about him he replied; “First, a Nigerian but ultimately a special African looking to change the course of the world by changing the hearts of her occupants through the use of the power possessed by carefully articulated and written words in an attempt to ultimately liberate Africa, her sons and daughters.”

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