Scars (Episode 3)

Episode 3

I do not remember how I came back to the physical world, but I was laying on my bed, a small cold towel lying on my forehead. Maggie snoring lightly on the floor. I looked across the room, at the clock, 12:45am. I tried calling out Maggie’s name but I felt so sore, weak and famished. Slowly then, all memories came alive. How would I go on? My beloved parents? Gone. Oh God, please wake me up from this nightmare, I cried to myself. Maggie woke up, came to sit beside me and said

” Madam, no dey cry again, everything go dey alright, you go fine”

I looked at her sorely and wished her words could come alive in my head. I cried myself back to sleep.


I woke up Friday morning, feeling all relaxed and calm. I tried doing some little chores around and then I heard arguing voices at a distance. I peeped through from the shelf window towards the gate and I saw strange faces arguing with Mufasa the gateman. From looks, I saw a robust short woman, two ugly average heighted men and 2 small dirty looking boys. All carrying traveling bags and big sacks. I couldn’t understand the scenario. I called out Maggie to check what was happening. Still peeping through, I see Maggie walk up to them, exchange words and led them back to the house. I was still standing speechless facing the door when they entered. Their stauch smell reminded me of the village scenario so I figured they came from a local village.

” Good afternoon ” I said, talking to no one in particular.

“Ehen, good afternoon nwa m, Kedu? ” one of the men replied in a thick Igbo accent .

” Fine sir, my parents are not here,  what can I do for you? ” I replied calmly

” Just look at her! Tufia! *spits on the floor *, talking to us like we’re in the same age grade ” The short ugly arrogant woman spoke, eyeing me ferociously as she made her way to sit on a single couch. I stood looking at her, emotionless.

“Ugodia! Ugodia!!  This is not how to handle things. We came for resolution and peace not quarrels” the second man said, in a more relaxing tone.

“Well, we are your father’s people ” he continued, “we have come to claim what is ours, what your father owes us directly ”

I was confused. My parents never told me anything on them owing people.

Im sorry, whats that? I asked politely

“Well, the family agreed after your stubborn father married that useless orphan which we warned him not to, that if she doesnt give us a male child before he dies ,wed take all his properties and share them. Which is obviously what we are doing “, the second man concluded.

“EZE! Dont sweet tongue the situation biko, Ada nnwam, I will tell you truth, your mother is a witch! Mmu o! so were taking this house now,our children will come with their stuffs later, as you can see, Im all packed up ” said Ugodia, as she pointed to the black sacs on the floor beside.

I was dumbfounded and confused and tired. I couldnt belive all this were happening at this critical moment. I do not need all this, I cried, its too heavy for me, I thought. I wish all these were nightmares, I so wish, I miss my previous life and I want it back!

Maggie crawled up to me, ears filled her, she could understand my pain, we cried together.

“Well,  afterall its still your house, you can come up and stay here at any time you want, as for the workers, well be keeping Mufasa the gateman, the rest are set free, well take care of ourselves ” said Eze,

I knew he was trying to be helpful, but I know he doesnt need me,they do not need me, no one does. And Ill go.

“Thank you, but Ill find how to survive, maybe the church will help, you can have everythin ” I cried as I ran upstairs to my room but I heard their voices

Go away!! Daughter of a witch Ugodia shouted and laughed loudly, and so did the men. I felt my life crumbled right down under my feet. I have no one, nothing and nowhere to go. I smell doom

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