The Expedition: Episode 1

‘Knock knock!!’ It was the door calling.

The glass cup in his hand slipped, shattering and spilling water all across the marble floor. He tried to stay as calm as possible, but he was paralysed as he saw everything going out of his hands. May be they’ve finally found him, he pandered.

Blaise was too afraid to open the door. He just peeked at the door from inside, curtains closed, lights off so nobody noticed him. He remained silent like his dense dark candle lit study room. The scenario was terrifying enough for him to think that the whole world was after him.

This time the door knocks became vigorous, like the bumps of fist bawled. Someone was obviously trying to forcefully make his way in, but only the door stood between Blaise and this stranger.

‘Blaise blaise!!’

‘I know you are in there, Open up or i’ll surely break it.’ said a meek but familiar voice.

That voice! Oh! That voice

How could he forget, that voice?

He couldn’t belive it.
He had to pinch himself make sure he wasn’t sleeping

It was really her

With his mixed feelings of relief and grief, he slowly came out in hall, thinking whether to respond or play away silently.
‘Please open it Blaise. I know you are there.’ as her voice echoed with helplessness in the hall way, she sat down on her knees crying.
He was awed. Every possible thought smashed in his mind, but his heart still resisted in favour to break silence, so eventually he whispered ‘Favour!’ he paused. ‘How did you figure i would be here?’
Without waiting for her reply, he continued in his bruised voice. ‘Anyways it doesn’t matter, Please leave. And don’t let anyone know I am here, please go and just leave me alone.’
She felt relief. For her, it was like forever since she had heard his voice.
‘No!, never !, I won’t go. Blaise it’s already been a week since you went missing. I am so glad I found you.’ She breathed and continued.’ What are you doing here? Please open this door, Let’s go home.’
‘Just gooo! please gooo!’ as he talked, Favour noticed his dejected mental state.
‘Never’ she said persistently. ‘Open this door or i’ll just be sitting here’.
After a long silence, he finally let the door open.


Her damp eyes explained it all. It was nearly after a month that she was meeting him. She felt so blessed and hugged him tightly.
She looked around. All the mess presented his condition from the past whole week. He had mostly been locked in the room and went out for limited reasons only. Considering his fame, he was a very social person but obviously was behaving really really strange now.
She looked at him. Noticing how nervous he seemed, it was obvious. Something was not right.
She asked caringly. ‘What’s wrong Blaise? Why are you doing this to me? Please tell me.’
Looking at his tired and sleepless eyes, she gulped ’I promise I will help you solve it. Please, I beg you.’
It brought him to grief. He noticed her heart piercing concern. It was not her fault at all. Everyone was searching for him. She was too.
He caressed her hair with his fingers and looked into her eyes. Wiping away her tears, he said. ‘I can’t hide it anymore from you., no i just can’t. I will tell you everything. Just come with me.’
He held her hand tightly. She felt at ease. They walked directly into his research room. Everything seemed messed up and disorganised. They walked in front of the cupboard. Signalling her to wait and just watch, he opened it’s door. Digging inside the stack of his clothes, he took out a big squared shaped container out of it. It was packed with a red and black cloth.
He placed it carefully on his bed besides. ‘Before I proceed to open this, I will tell you everything. But make sure to keep it only to yourself?’ He asked reassuringly.
The scary atmosphere was already very shady, but she ignored the suspense, and nodded ‘Yes’ in reply.
She was so curious to unravel what was buried in his mind for past few days and why he was so secretive about everything that he does and feared each and each and every person he met. It seemed he was afraid of the whole world.
Blaise was a well known Archaeologist. He had won numerous awards and his contribution towards the society was priceless. For the very first time, Favour saw him so helpless and disturbed.

Do you read Diary Of A Fresher?

This all started since his last expedition. With a little hesitation, he started telling on what happened with him on his trip to Mbaukwu a month ago.
– [ ] Pato


  1. Wooed….sincerely this is lovely. I never knew he could write, I thought he jst dance dance dance. Pato this is mind blowing ?.The suspense ?.Don’t mk me wait too long for d nxt episode .

  2. Wooed….sincerely this is lovely. I never knew he could write, I thought he jst dance dance dance. Pato this is mind blowing ?.The suspense ?.Don’t mk me wait too long for d nxt episode .

  3. Really nice.. Can’t wait for the next episode… I hope you don’t turn out to be a killer like Pablo ?✌

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