You planted roses and lillies around my Eden. Watered it day and night till all my might relied on your water drops.

You began playing your records while at work and I fell in love with your melodies.

With the very same musical notes residing when you away, I listen to the echoes of the lyrics and they remind me of you. Subconsciously I become vulnerable, longing for your love.

The love you got me accustomed to only to stop loving me when I had fallen deep inside the dark well you and I created inside of me. You left me to sit in the deep dark hole you helped me dig and you let me sit in it , knowing you will not be here to get me out.

See I gave you a home, a home that pulsed for you every second of the day and you thank me with an acnied back, the same back I fell for when it was arched, with all your weight above me while you were within me and whispered words of safety into my numb ears.

See when it was time that I showed you my dried out petals and my flaws that oh so needed your nuture you dismiss me with nothing more than 5 words.

Then I remembered that when I was still blooming, when happiness was in my favour when I was still your flavour I got more than just sweet nothings.

I keep sharing the strands I have left of me to keep in contact with you, little did I know it was in dismay and you, you kept taking a step further from me and kept taking my stretched efforts and love till you had it all and I indescribably need you, you with all the pieces I get from you and the pain I endure because of you , I need you to stay whole, cause you have all of me.

And I can’t stop myself if I’m still hoping you will come back to me and love me whole heartedly again.

And water my Eden again.

Let’s rewind to the moment we were only lips apart the time your breath filled mine, how our oxygen exchange could keep us alive in the ocean.

We reflected the horizons in our eyes and dilated as they were we found the lurkers of our chained closets making love with only little glances.

Let’s rewind, let’s restart this record.

Let’s stop it from coming to a close because the rewind, the rewind keeps my hitched breath from breaking out.

Keeps me from getting a view of the red waters that run through my veins on my innocent wrists. Keeps me from becoming an addict, so that my only addiction is your slithering love.

Lets rewind to our first encounter and our first kiss.

Or maybe let’s rewind to the day you asked for my numbers so that I may decline and save my now shattered soul

– Kamo Laka

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