Dammy Krane slams Orezi- calls him an idiot

The Enterkraner, Dammy Krane has just expressed his anger after Orezi called out all Nigerian Artistes, and warned them not to copy his new hairstyle.

Days ago, Orezi took to his Instagram to share a picture, of his new found love, his hairstyle, while not forgetting to warn some unscrupulous elements to steer away from copying the hairstyle.

He wrote on Instagram; “And they say the hair is not fine. WARNING – Thou shall not copy especially all you Nigerian Artist”

Pissed off by this call out, Dammy Krane, in a bid to catch his sub, shared a video of himself ripping into Orezi and calling him an idiot.


Is Orezi gonna reply? Could this cause another major beef this year?

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