SCARs – Episode 2

I woke up with mixed feelings and a mild headache. Scrambled to my feet, walked to the bathroom and took a long refreshing bath. Got back to the room, picked up my phone and dialed my father’s number, “the number you’re trying to call is either out of coverage or not reachable, thank you” said an annoying voice. My heart almost skipped a beat, million thoughts ran through my head, “where could they be? “, “what happened to their phones?”, “where they robbed? “or could the worst have happened? I could feel hot tears boiling inside ready to burn down my cheeks. I remembered the last time I cried was when I got a C in Chemistry in my SS2. I ran, out of my room, down the stairs, screaming “Maggie!, Maggie!” . Maggie emerged from the kitchen door, “Yes, I dey for here”
“Have they called? ” I asked
“No o, dem never call me. Na why you dey cry? Maggie asked, she could see the red hot eyes
I turned my face away
“No cry again o, dem go soon come back, just dey pray”
I walked away from her, towards the front porch since the doorbell just rang. I said the Lord’s prayer and did the sign of the cross, then opened the door. I saw our other Pastor, his wife and 4 choristers all wearing questionable faces. I hadn’t realized I stood there staring at them for 3 good minutes. Maggie who now stood beside me greeted them “Una good morning o” and shoved me aside to let them in. After we all sat down, the pastor’s wife came beside me and hugged me saying “You’d be fine “. I thought “Why? How? I’m fine now, what’s she saying? ” As if the pastor heard my thoughts, he finally broke the Egg.
“Your Parents had a terrible accident last night. They had a head to head collision with a truck. We don’t know how the driver is but your parents died on the spot. We’re so sorry ”
I heard him, still sitting on the couch trying to blend the English to my understanding. I went blank, lost in a dark hollow space, no tears, no emotions, just faceless. Even Maggie’s wails and shouts couldn’t bring me back. I felt like a huge bulldozer just dropped on my head because my mild headache just turned to a nightmare. I could see visuals, the pastor, his wife, choristers, Maggie, Mufasa and Justin all in the room, crying and doing other stuffs, but I could not hear any of them. I was shot out of the world, didn’t blink, eardrums were blocked, heartbeat increased, soul sank deeper. The pastor walked up to me, said something to my face and shook me. I didn’t feel nor hear whatever he said.
After some time, I came back to life. I could feel my body heat, rising to a 100°C, hot tears blinded my eyes, dropped and rolled down my hot cheeks. All the loud sounds that came from everyone there weakened me the more and tortured my head. I was on fire. I tried standing up, my body felt heavier than the legs, as I was struggling to balance, my parents faces ran through my head, memories flashed past my eyes, I could feel death rolling in laughter across the room, I could see my planned future crashing down before me, I could see my sun losing its shine. I could feel things I couldn’t feel. I slumped! Straight down to the floor, shut my eyes, partially gone.

Scars- Episode 1

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