SCARs. (Episode 1)

Sitting on a couch in my fully furnished 2-bedroom flat situated in the heart of the city, the room is dimly lit up by a melting candle, besides the local drugs sachets I scattered on the table. I stared hard at the mirror which was directly opposite leaning on the wall. Looking at the reflected image, a life-tortured, hopeless, helpless, beautiful, 23-year old lady. I can see that there is nothing left of me. Just as my heartbeats were slowly reducing, I started reminiscing on the my life.
All of these happened, more or less.

“Uncle stop please ” “Please I beg of you” “Uncle” , I cried out in a weak croaky voice. But Uncle Mike wouldn’t hear of it. He gripped my two little arms together and pinned tight with one hand while he used the fingers of his second hand to penetrate me. He did this regularly whenever he comes teaching. My usual tears and pleas where more seeming like an anthem to him that he felt no remorse. The pain I endured where not explainable. He was around 6ft, dark, muscular, double chinned with a dashing beard. He was an attractive young man and also my home tutor. He pushed in 2 fingers while I screamed in pain, no one was ever close by to help. My mother turned our garage to my tutor class and warned everyone to stay clear so I’d always concentrate. Uncle Mike went on and on till he was satisfied and I, drained. He stopped, stood, adjusted himself and went over to the study table to help do my school assignments. I slowly stood up, wore my panties, arranged my floral gown well on my lanky body. Then I stared at him, the devil himself, I thought, I looked at him with so much rage, anger, hatred and disrespect. I wiped the tears dripping from my eyes with the back of my palm. I walked up to the table, sat beside him and we did the assignments together. 3:50pm, we got done, I arranged my books in my school bag, cleared the study table, Uncle Mike bent over, kissed my cheeks and said ‘Remember what I always tell you” and he left. I remembered well, he has warned me not to reveal what happens here else he’d deal with me and my family. I always lived in fear of those words. I picked up my bag and ran to the main house.

I’m the only child of my parents, Pastor and Mrs Okeke, resident pastors of Faith and Word Ministries, Asaba. “Ada Bekee” “Ada mmadu” as my mother would always say, I’ve been the apple of my parents eyes, nose and mouth. Though I got corrected whenever I was wrong. We had a big house, a 4-bedroom, 2-parlor duplex, accompanied with a garage, a boys quarters and a large garden. We also had a maid; Maggie, a gardener, Obie, a gateman, Mufasa and our houseboy, Justin, who does all the work Maggie doesn’t do. I lived in utmost comfort and had everything at my beck and call. I also attended one of the biggest and most expensive schools in Asaba. There was nothing else I thought of. I was a member of the kids choir in our church, always singing to the glorious name of God before my father would mount the pulpit and preach the gospel. At 18, I had already grown into a beautiful young girl, left high school with the best grades, took the required A level exams and awaited results. My parents had plans of sending me to Germany for my tertiary education. I was living in my own luxury, happily till my life changed in one night.


“Hello Daddy, good morning ” I picked the receiver one bright Tuesday morning,
“Hello Ada, how are you and everyone? ”
“Very fine sir, how are you and mommy? ”
“Fine dear, we’re already on our way back” he said and I shrieked in happiness
“Let me speak to mommy,….. Hello mommy, what did you get for me? ”
“Weldone Missy, no good morning? Well when we get back, you’d see for yourself ”
“I’m sorry MA, okay. Bye. Have a great journey ”
“We love you” she said and hanged up. I dropped my cell on the table, stood up, dressed my bed and headed for a quick bath. It’s gonna be a lovely day, I could smell.

11:15pm, I sat in the large living room downstairs helpless. My parents hadn’t arrived or called. I tried their both lines for the umpteenth time and the same annoying lady said
“Sorry, the number you are trying to call is either out of coverage or not reachable, thank you. ”
I wondered why they even drove, when they’d have easily flew. I was extremely worried. Maggie walked up to me and said
“Aunty, no dey worry worry yourself too much nah. Abuja na far distance o, dey fit don jam heavy traffic for Lokoja. No fear, dem go soon come, make you go lie down sleep”
I slowly stood up, “Thank you Maggie, goodnight “. She smiled as I headed upstairs to my room. I got to my room, took a long calm restoring shower, dressed in a nightie, I layed down feeling so lonely, said my silent prayer and slept off.


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