Their Words

Their Words

Dominos Secondary school rarely accepted transfer students for SS3 and for a good reason- they wanted good results from their students. In this case, Max’s parents had pleaded with the school to accommodate him as they believed his school was below the standard they paid for. Max is a tall handsome boy, a bit playful but intelligent and his parents never doubted that.

He was admitted at last into SS3 were everyone was getting warmed up for major exams- JAMB, WAEC and NECO. New to the system, Max struggled to adjust to his new environment and also score high in every test. The first term results were out but he did slightly below average and that was going to be a problem.

Coming back to school, more attention was drawn to him as the boy with a poor educational background about to mess the school up! While a few teachers took caution in their approach, most threatened and cursed him. This continued till he was done but he only kept the positive mindset, believing he could do it, getting better and finally, had the best JAMB and WAEC result in the school that year!

* * * * * * *

When you are trying to achieve something you will meet three sets of people-

⁃ Those who would encourage you

⁃ Those who would discourage you

⁃ And of course, those who don’t care about your hustle

Let’s cite an example with a knife that we all know is used for cutting and chopping stuff, placed on a table. The first person sees it and exclaims how he really needs this knife to cut something. The second person questions if the knife is even sharp enough to cut anything. The third person doesn’t even notice the knife.

Does any of these reactions change the knife? NO


Unlike that knife we can choose our own reactions as well. We may choose to degrade our abilities, retain our abilities and better, upgrade our abilities. We are who we are and nothing anyone says would change or take it away. They said you can’t accomplish that dream (when you were BUILT FOR SUCCESS) then that doesn’t degrade you. Enough of letting what they say determine your worth, turn that hurt to a drive. It’s all in you and words can’t take it out.

Their words don’t reduce your worth! Enjoy your day and thanks for reading


Scars is a new series that would be on the blog very soon and it’s written by Ammie Brown (a highly talented and gifted writer) Anticipate!

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