SCARS- The Series

Hi everyone!  Been a while uno. Y’all enjoying yourselves? Besides Happy New month of Grace to everyone.

Anyways, I’m excited! Very. Cos I’m starting a new series on the blog! Yayy!  It’s gonna be exciting and intriguing, believe me. It’s titled “SCARs”.

SCARs. … The series

After death deprives her of the good beautiful life she’s been living, Ada later finds herself entering into an entangled world of luxury, a world she hasn’t seen or experienced before.
Will she be able to survive? Will she be able to swim above lies, pretence, experiences, tragedies and a whole lot of fun? Or would she fail to life?

Hopefully, it’s gonna be fun all the way and I’ll need feedbacks to keep the ginger hot!

Thanks for supporting the brand!?

First Episode would be dropping on Friday!

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