Men & Shoes

Men and Shoes

Men and shoes? Of course women got their shoes topic and I agree it’s a vital one as well but today we’re all about the men’s. Definitely, more guys would want to read this but ladies should be interested too; you could be surprised what you’ll discover.

Guys, what can we do without our shoes? We have to trust them with our weight on every step we take and that could be a lot to bear especially when we walk long distances either at our place of work, school, sports run, road walk, etc. This makes it very essential to invest in comfort; comfortable & fitting shoes. Not just any shoe cause you’ll suffer for that mistake.

Not alone do tight shoes look strange on your feet but it also causes bruises and lastly, the shoe could loose its shape and beauty.

Another reason we should invest in nice shoes is because no one raises their head to the sky while walking, so remember this- Nice shoes and horrible shoes strike an impression. Now choose the impression you wish to leave. Even as much as it covers barely 10% of our body and that happens to be our feet, they still strike a huge impression.

Point- Invest in nice shoes for comfort and appearances.

Speaking of impression, when you see someone with a nice pair of shoe what crosses your mind?

Men’s shoes vary form our daily sneakers to brogues, oxfords, monkstaps, derby, boats, loafers, sandals, slip-ons, wingtip and also our favorite boots- Chelsea, Desert, Chukka and even the Brogue boots. You see, we’ve got a lot of variety but one of the problems is wearing the right one.

Note this 4 tips for MEN & SHOES

⁃ Buy quality

⁃ Buy comfort

⁃ Wear the right shoe for the occasion

⁃ Take good care of your shoes

Buying quality is essential except you don’t mind the sole of your shoe coming off in the mall. Buy comfort unless you want to keep taking breaks off shoes due to the bruises on your feet. Wear the right shoe for every occasion except showing up as the clown is fine by you and of course take care of your shoes so you don’t look like you ran through the desert before showing up.

I also recommend custom handmade shoes. You might see a really nice shoe online but no store or boutique has it; feel free to get it handmade custom. I know a guy so if you’re interested, contact me.

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