Diary Of A Fresher: Episode 5

Tamed Sheep

“Death is the cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism. The initial stage of this process is known as clinical death. It lasts from four to six minutes, beginning when a person stops breathing and when the heart stops pumping blood. While rigor mortis sets in eventually, as soon as you die…” says Jorgenson “…A small invertebrate carcass may never emanate odors perceptible to the average human. For humans and other higher animals, a stench is usually perceived about 24hours to three days after death. Depending on a number of factors.”

January 30th,  2017

Dear diary, 

I had my first fair share of canal knowledge when I was fourteen. March 17 2012. Exactly a year after my brother passed away. I had known since how I wanted to lose my virginity. I wanted to know how it felt to enter a woman and please her senses. I lost my virginity to Princess. Princess was seventeen at the time. Apparently she was a sexual typhoon. I was so young and clueless. I had no knowledge of sex. She was always the one in charge. She commanded such magnitude of sexual prowess and it amazed me each time I made her orgasm.  I wasn’t surprised that every time we met, I became more skillful. Her screams brought me such comfort  that felt almost motherly. She enjoyed every bit of our sexual escapades. One would say I did her a favor each time she climaxed. She was the one doing me the favor.  She filled the cracks in my walls and endeared my hollow and bleeding heart. And every night before I went to bed, I worried less of my mother. If anyone asked how mother was. I simply said “Iheoma’s fine”. Iheoma was mother’s first name. Princess had taken her place.
            I wondered all these years why Princess chose me to be her unholy vessel in that sinful alliance. She had three years on me and somehow enjoyed my magnificent love making. She was the head girl in my high school. She was the most beautiful thing in the entire world and everyone begged to lick her feet. She manifested the same brilliance as she did in bed.  Every guy drooled over her. It made me jealous and scornful that she gave me no attention in school. I wanted her. I wanted all of her everyday. I was in love with her and I would murder anyone that came in between our love. I told her this each night we met, and each time I did it seemed to bring her so much excitement that she would stroke my penis so fashionably and I would cum every time. I worshipped at her behest. We were wrapped up in this Web of sin for a year and half. And the relationship would go on for years until 2015 when hell broke lose.
              I made a ravaging discovery.  Apparently, Princess did not just like boys. She liked girls too. I discovered several racy pictures of she with an unfamiliar face wrapped up in a cocoon of sexual fantasy and poses as I browsed through her unattended phone that Saturday evening. Her parents were away and I had gone to warmly welcome her and maybe have sex with her too. She had just returned from school for the holiday that august. I was still waiting to be admitted that year. Everything became bleak after seeing those pictures. I made no mention of this discovery. Not even in my old diaries. I left out a lot of things. I was afraid to bare myself in any sort of fashion. Princess got out of the bathroom, stripped naked and made frantic sensual steps towards me, she unbottened my trousers, held my penis in her hands like a trophy and began to stroke. There was no chemistry. She knelt and swallowed my manhood in her cupped mouth and began to make frantic uneasy motions. I was repulsed. I did not cum.
         She must have figured something was up. When she was done, I fastened my buttons and left. I did not care that she was with a woman. I promised to murder anyone who came between us. And I began to think if truly I was capable of murder. I still loved Princess and thoughts of her like waves still make passages across my heart. It’s been almost two years since we last spoke. Yet she was the only one whom I thought to call after my amnesia episode.

              Today is Monday.  It was the day of Professor Obinna’s PAE102 sudden test. It’s been two days now and my dad had not called. He called everyday. Yesterday, Sunday 29th January 2017 was like any ordinary day for me. I was not born into a religious family. We never attended mass or worshipped in a mosque. We were not those kind of people.  I grew up to believe that there was no God. If there was, He sure did enjoy taking everything from me and watching my life go on in shambles. I made no entry for yesterday. I was busy having a supposed wonderful time.

            Vivian came over to the house unannounced with Jeff and Derrick. Putting up with Jeff and Derrick was something I had to get used to since I constantly had to deal with them when I was with Vivian. Their presence brought me so much uneasiness. They could not  have chosen the most wrack and ruin of times. Vivian brought groceries and foodstuff. She prepared rice with tomato sauce and fish stew. She was a horrible cook. I finished my plate and complimented her cooking skills with a casted smile. Jeff and Derrick both requested extra plates. Their genuity and countenance was blessed with candor. We played chess all evening. I won every round. Such unintelligent vessels. I was disappointed. They stayed put. They did not leave. In the middle of all of this, a subtle knock echoed in the room. It was Michael. Michael’s my next door neighbor, he had helped me move my furniture into the apartment and told me all about St. Anthony Of Padua UNIVERSITY. The day after my money was stolen, I was tempted to divulge and ask for his assistance but I refrained. He had come to enquire about a girl, dark in complexion whom I was yelling at which raised concern among neighbors who came to knock and appeal, but according to Michael, the yelling went on for another fifteen minutes and abruptly stopped. 

         It was as if Michael had narrated to me my own dream, except it was a dream I had no memory of. “It was a rough day, but everything’s fine now.” I simply told him away.

          My day’s company deserted me around 9:30 that night. I wondered if they could smell it. The body was starting to decompose now.

          I had discovered the remains of a lifeless female body, Early twenties under my bed Sunday morning. The room had been contaminated with a mild nauseous stench, almost as if a rat had died in the house. I have never been more flooded with hysteria my entire life. How did she get there? How?? How?? How?? I never laid eyes on her before except in photos, entangled in a sexual cocoon with Princess. I remembered thinking – I would murder anyone who came between Princess and I. It wasn’t adding up. There was no plausible explanation for the gory site that rested beneath where I slept. What happened on the day of January 27th 2017?

               I wrapped the body in my sheets… No… no… no… what if someone saw me. I removed the sheets… waited till it was 2PM. Backed the remains… clever move… they would think she was my lover. The smell was insufferable now. I walked about a thousand leagues, away from the street. There was a canal there. I dumped the body there. I watched it sink.

           I skipped classes today. Including Professor Obinna’s test. I slept in all day. The pain wasted me, turned me into a ghost. Left me alone. I woke up to a notification of seventeen missed calls. Two was from Vivian. Fifteen was from Princess. I returned none.


Dear diary…, and I began to think if truly I was capable of murder.

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  1. * I wondered all these years why Princess chose me to be her unholy vessel in that sinful alliance.*
    Man you’re a slut… Stop wondering. Good one brother. ???

  2. Lol it literaryly started like rape but ended up to be your everyday pleasure ??… So you murdered her!! You gonna have to liv with that but what makes you think no one saw you dumping her body? Can’t wait for episode 6 man

  3. I must confess! This is awesome piece of writing. Took me back to when I lost my virginity and how much I cherished the lady I lost it too. I like the twist. She just did not have a lover, her lover was a lady, that can mess with your brain heavily. Fiction but so surreal. Good use of words. You should consider writing a journal or a book. Start now not later. Keep it up. I am waiting for more

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