Exclusive Interview with StarGlam Irawo

Hello and thanks for visiting my blog today. I came across this amazing lady via Instagram through a friend and damn! She’s unique, her style is and you would love it. I should also mention that this is the first interview on my blog with a female personality and I’m happy about that. Let’s get to know her more.

Akinwunmi Tomisin Kehinde or ‘StarGlam Irawo’ is an indigene of Ogun State and is the last child in a family of 5. She’s from a Christian home and attended Bachel model college for her secondary school education. She’s presently studying Mass Communication at Lagos State University (LASU)

How would you describe your style? And when did you start?

My style is unusual and unique basically, I can say the uncanny nature of my style is something to look out for. I started the trend basically when I was done with secondary school that was 2015 and I’m becoming better day by day (I’m still in the process not there yet)

How did people react initially and how do most people react now?

People often laugh at me, and throw words like “na ur papa shirt u wear ?” “You no see ur size for market ?” Cause I’m a freak on big clothing. Then, people didn’t regard those as fashion, but now bringing the 90s vibe and the whole wavy slay, I get amazing feed backs from people loving my style and complimenting me to never give up. And that’s the gag basically that gingers me .

 What’s the worst comment and best comment you’ve ever gotten regarding your personality and style?

Okay now the worst comments for those who don’t relate are : “shey this one na fashion ?” “Nawa oh which one be this one again ” etc , but for those that relate I get dope comments like “nice outfit ” , “you look good” ” I like your slay” most times I over hear people’s comments and it gives me joy .

Do you have any love in your life?

Oh yeah I do

   What does he say about your style?

You know the great thing about him is that, he supports my style and we kinda have the same fashion personality. We’re both a duo and we own our brand together “ELDRITCH ”

What’s Eldritch all about?

Eldritch is a brand name myself and Motionblack put out to express the name of our style .

 So Motionblack is your boyfriend?

Yeah, he is

Did you hear that guys? She’s taken so keep admiring but don’t cross the line. ??What are your hobbies? I won’t lie, I don’t read and shii, but I love sleeping mehn ? and trying out new things .Any accessory you can’t do without? I can’t do without my shades

Do you think anyone could imitate you and still nail it? Yes definitely, when people imitate and give credit to me, it’s a thing on my path and a way to know I’m making progress!

 Anything to tell those who have been supporting and encouraging you? I just wanna say God bless everyone who has been supporting and encouraging me, thanks you guys I appreciate ??

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? I see myself and my brand “Eldritch “becoming a big trend in the fashion world

Tell us something most people don’t know about you Most People don’t know I’m twin, and I have an undying passion and desire for God!

Thank you so much for your time and ONB wishes you & Eldritch all the best


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