He that came to speak about his prolonged , unexpressed and suppressed desire the same he that introduced the feeling of being wanted, archiving and dimming all her flaws and imperfections. Oh he made her lengthen her misdeeds and disregard her morals. He planted a seed of personal acceptance from just his lust for her.

He that moved with ease and stature was the source of her subtle acknowledgement of his presence becoming a norm. He that conveyed a series of unintended emotions that made way for her unseen mutual need later to be exposed.

He that spoke the language she felt was of love and unspoken truths that soothed your heart disregarding all the underlying, unforgiving layers of pain and discontent that left Tide filled wars unidentified and foreign. He made them unknown to her.

He that awakened her long last felt, inner love sourced nerves drawing in like a tide filled sea, that pumped her heart with anxiety and puzzlement thus pioneered her eager to discover what formed this he that was now constantly reciding in her rational thought. He that claimed his territory before it was handed to him to claim.

He that had the ability to stand his ground and remain unchanged or affected and his firmness and masculinity had now drawn her to him. He with the ability to reenact the essence of attraction within her that was contained for the longest duration. He with an undulating body language .

Wave like vibrations move through her hour glass curved body now in possession of her desirer experiencing seasons brought by passing 365 days in a single brief, unexplainable, infinite wanted and intensely intimate moment. The current dominated her tender yet luminescent flower that was assumed control of by he that initiated wet kisses on her neck that preceded his delicate back and forth hand and body movement. He was her mill and operated thus generated her intense current. He that lifted the gravitational force she felt exerted on her prior to her body taking.

Her inner and outer glow was the result and occurrence of his presence and essential existence. Her happiness a result of his lustful desires . Her conviction a result of his whispered melodies yet insignificant affirmation. Her infused pride a result of his shared words. Her humblenss a result of his modest and unpretentious character .

She had been taken and brought back from an island she had never been acquainted to. Her body was his and and her heart his home. They became one; formed an ocean and introduced tidology.

-Kamo Laka

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