I remember vividly one afternoon, my mom had friends over and they were watching a musical concert on TV. Then I heard shouts and noise, ‘’Le kwa my boy oo’’ uno Igbo women nah, ‘’ Fine boyyo’’, ‘’My mannest man’’, ‘’egwu di boy o di uto’’ meaning the boy’s music is sweet. I was about rushing out to see who they are famzing like this, then I heard them all chorus to the tune ’’FADA FADA ehh ‘’ and I smiled and left. Phyno, loved by all espiacially me *wink*.

The handsome, young, slim and lanky, white chocolate, Azubuike Chibuzo Nelson also known as Phyno issa songwriter, hitmaker, record producer and an indigenous rapper. He’s an all-rounder, believe me. Exceptionally different, Phyno stands out in the entertainment industry.
Here are my 5 fun facts about Phyno. [Ps: This is my list, so feel free to object or correct me.]
The phenomenal, Phyno
Phyno is an inspiration to many. He has started way back professionally in 2003, hustling, doing all-round music, keeping it real and hardcore and luckily, his shine has come. He’s an example of ‘’Winners never quit ; Quitters never win’’. Its all about time and patience. He has an awesome personality that almost all wants to work with him. Having strong affiliations with Olamide and MI, he tells us that ‘’Music has no language’. He knows his roots and never neglects them, he’s the peoples’ person. Notice, some of his videos are shot in his town with fans and friends blocking everywhere. Attend PHYNOFEST in Enugu once and feel the love. He’s a real nigga.

Rumour says he’s gay
Despite his quiet and lowkey life, Phyno couldn’t escape the Gossip Lounge. After deny on impregnating a woman named ‘Rita Edmond’ in 2014, he hasn’t been caught up in relationship or babymama drama. Rumour says the rapper might be gay. Few weeks after this rumour circulated, Phyno dropped video to his hit-track, PINO PINO and we saw him in the video get attached to the vixen. Trust people, they say baba was only trying to cover up and prove he isn’t gay. He once told a TV station music is his life and he doesn’t want any distractions for now. Well I do not know but he might as well be keeping his shit private or be an extra focused person.
He’s a real savage
We’ve all heard this ‘’ Don’t step on a Lion’s tail’’ and this ‘’ Let the sleeping dog lie’’. Please put that in mind when it comes to people like Phyno. He has shown us realness, always keeps to his thing, doing music the best way he can, minding his business, not poking in anyone’ s private life or jumping into any show else he is performing. Keeping it simple and real. But that doesn’t mean anyone should take him for granted cos believe me, he won’t slack. Atleast we all saw what he did to the the big Gucci doll. That shows how savagely savage Phyno can be. Touch his tail and he’ll hush your puppi!

Pac-man, dress-sense, body-frame, all-rounder
Pac-man as he calls himself, has an excellent taste. He says he has a mad style but he is not crazy. Standing well above 6ft, pencil shaped with his ‘wild wild’ haircuts, full bouncy beards and tiny hazel eyes looking like ‘snake in the monkey shadow’ , our favourite guy has an award in dressing full cover, head to toe, looking ‘dapperly streetz’ if there is anything like it. I just can’t explain,lol. Notice, he rarely wears shorts both sleeves and trousers or clothings that expose his body. Why? Maybe he doesn’t like showing his white bony body frame. So he hides his skeleton behind cloths. All-round? No doubts, he’s extremely handsome.
Initially, Phyno’s father wanted him to be a Doctor probably because he had careful hands, but he had dreams of becoming a pilot even tho he studied Public Administration at the Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu. What do you think encouraged him to keep up with his music?

I believe whatever we put or set our mind to do, it would surely pull off. It only takes perseversnce, determination and lots of patience. Plus GOD. I’m pretty sure Phyno’s father would be so proud of him now despite all odds.

You can check Phyno out on Insta and Twitter @phynofino

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Pascal Amaka.

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