Dilemma Episode 2

Nneoma sat face front to the mirror in her friend’s room smiling sheepishly as she applied her make up. It had been almost a month since she stepped out this late in the evening. All of a sudden she stops and begins to weep uncontrollably…What could have gone wrong? Her mood changed so rapidly. Perhaps, once again the excruciating thoughts of her last break up resurfaced; it was Tunde again.. evading her mind. Stealing away her happiness, her hopes and dreams. What was left of her…she couldn’t say.

Tunde was a tall, dark handsome young man in his late 20’s whom happens to be the charm of a lot of ladies. He had been Nneoma’s boyfriend for the past three years or so she led herself to believe all those those years; It was more than just a relationship. Tunde was going to be her husband. They went on a dinner date on a clear night to one of the most exotic restaurants on the Island. Money had never been a problem for Tunde as he had not only inherited his father’s companies but he also managed them perfectly. He was good at it. That was his life. He was in the U.K for his university education and went further to bag a Masters Degree; no wonder he was a real charm.

They always had so much fun that those around were definitely envious. They were the kind of couple one would call perfect. Deep into their discussion at the date, Tunde’s phone rang and he picked up the phone with a damped effort. He was on the phone for quite a while and finally he hung up. Nneoma couldn’t help but notice how uneasy he sounded on the phone and when she asked what was happening, he panicky told her that he had to rush to the airport to pick his aunt. Nneoma had always been very understanding even if she wondered why it had to be him and why it had to be when she was having a beautiful moment with the man she loved so well. But what does she matter? The night was still young, she thought. She was going to surprise him by going to his place later that night. So she called an Uber.

In about 30 minutes, Tunde drove in and got into the house with a young lady who firmly held a 5 year old boy in her left hand, carrying a luggage in the other hand. And Nneoma was only getting prepared to receive shock of her life afterall. Apparently, while Tunde was in the U.K. he had a child with some Jane after his promise of marriage and now, she was in Nigeria to stay. Apparently, to live her dreams with him. Her Tunde. The supposed man of her dreams. Speaking of dreams, this was all a dream, a regular story everyone talks about and will talk about for long.

For those weeks after, Nneoma wailed and weeped at every passing hour, questioning herself with utmost regrets. How could she be so blind? How could he be so deceitful?! She was used and she had been utterly deceived? Consumed with misfortune and regrets and depression and relentless contemplation she closed her eyes. He didn’t call now or texted. He left her broken.

Today, she couldn’t forget the pain, she doubted if she could still go on this date? Could she help not crying in public n keeping her emotions in check? Of course, YES!. She wiped the tears off her eyes, finished her make-up and the Nneoma everyone knew was reborn! She was ready to take this world again.


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