Diary Of A Fresher- Episode 1

What is green at first, then red?

   Dear diary,

 Tiny ribbons of gold graced the morning sky as I resolved to settle for the day. Today was those kind of days that you know, seems imbalanced. But with great anticipation, I scurried away like a rat to catch a bus to school, God! My nerves were on fire, yet all I could see was green, I had high hopes of a great day. But damn! It was something, with a lot to do and all day to pull and push. I hurried off for my registration; it wasn’t much of a big deal though, as they were few Parastology & Entomology Freshers in line.

Phew ? I was still seeing green as the worse was yet to come. 

   Few leagues away from the E-library where I did my registration, I trudged the sidewalk alone. I’m very reserved and I can swear everyone around could hear my thoughts, cause my eyes screamed- lonesome! Desperate for attention, a bearded guy walked past me, seemingly in a haste. He had distinctive features with a face you could never forget; maybe because of the beard or his eyes. He brushed past my shoulder and I immediately exclaimed that I was sorry in a very apologetic manner. Well, better than I thought; we exchanged pleasantries and he introduced himself as Chike Obi. I told him I was a fresher and he laughed at me saying he was also a fresher. What? With all that beard? I didn’t have the guts to ask him when he finished school? We parted ways but deep somewhere, something wasn’t right about him; I just couldn’t place. 

  On getting to the bank to make some payments… Oh my! My money was gone. It wasn’t in my bag! Damn! It was such a huge sum. Then it all came flooding back, that guy, Chika Obi? Is that even his name? Is he even a student? Not to mention being a fresher! 

  I saw green but now all I see is red, even as I write my rage has turned my ink red.  

Dear diary, what is green at first, then red?

24 thoughts on “Diary Of A Fresher- Episode 1

  1. Freshers life is quite interesting, the general sense of the name tag being dealt with for a year…..

  2. I think the site is great, really enjoyed reading the story tho but, i think it is could be better. I wouldn’t like to specify here tho. Thanks

  3. lol every fresher’s got a tale to tell. whats gone red from green i could relate too. episode 2 in anticipation

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