DILEMMA Episode 1

His eyes were bloodshot red, intoxicated from excessive intake of liquor. He coughed vigorously in the smoke of the cigarette he buried himself in. This must have been a suicide attempt anyone would think, as the table held over six bottles of beer, three bottles of whiskey and stacks of cigarette. But why would a young man in his mid-20’s resolve to this?

He could barely think about a solution to his dilemma but couldn’t forget the problems as they only kept playing in his mind. At this point, it seemed like the liquor wasn’t helping one bit getting rid of the thoughts. But sincerely, why take a lot to help you forget a problem which won’t be solved rather than thinking of the solution with a clear head? This was going to be the 11th time his phone light would come on, it was his wife calling again but he ignored it. He picked his phone from the table trying to go through his messages but none of it made sense to him, so he just kept gazing and scrolling for minutes. Neglecting the time on his phone ’11:47pm’, he sank deeper in the chair like the day was still young.

While Emeka remained at the bar, he had his house waiting, actually a home with his beautiful three years-wedded wife; Funmi and their little daughter. Back home, Funmi couldn’t sit on the couch not to mention laying on the bed instead she walked around the house at a rash yet constant pace. She was down with so many thoughts and scenes flashing through her mind. Where could her husband be at this odd hour against his usual time which is 7pm, latest, an hour after? She called her sister who plies that same road while coming home to confirm the traffic condition. It would have been a lot better if her sister hadn’t been home a long time ago, confirming the traffic was fine. Could it be that he has been kidnapped? She wondered. But he hasn’t been this late before, she also thought. Her fear was further triggered by her calls which he missed and text messages which didn’t get a reply.

Funmi was so restless and couldn’t clear the thoughts from her head. She really needed to sleep but she couldn’t so she watched their little daughter sleep while tears trickled down her cheeks. Her fantasies and thoughts were too much a burden to bear so she silently knelt down at her bedside to pray about it. She slept off, luckily.

Her sleep was disrupted by the loud car horn which didn’t only sound familiar but also sounded like it was right in front of her gate. She wiped her eyes immediately with her night robe and while running down the stairs she caught a glimpse of the wall clock ‘2:15 am’. She opened the door to rush out but he was right in front of her. She could perceive the stench of alcohol and scent of tobacco on him. She was irritated and speechless as she kept thinking of the perfect words. After staring for 30 seconds, she asked, ‘do you feel better?’


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