That Big Heart

Having a big, free-living, loving, giving and forgiving heart doesn’t require anything instead it gives you inner peace and happiness which helps you keep sane and also attracts God’s enormous blessing. I know of a man, living in a rural area peacefully with his wife and kids. But there is something exceptional about this man, while everyone sells water for use at their own rates, he gives for free! He pumps water to his outdoor tank, and leaves open his tap for all to fetch. While others increase their rates when there’s no power supply, he still uses his money to buy fuel and pump water, still for free! That’s an extra! Every night, when there’s no power supply, he leaves his generator running till late night for all to use and charge all appliances they would like to recharge. This at which every other person charge money for. What am I trying to say? This is an uneducated man, but he does humanitarian act without thinking or regarding what it takes or what he looses. He has a Big heart. Be like him. I’ve realised that holding grudges for so long only disturbs and weakens your mind. Instead of letting go and moving on, you hold onto bad things people may have done to you, thereby remaining stagnant. If you had a dollar for every bad thing done to you that you keep in heart waiting for the day you’d revenge, I bet you should be a millionaire but it doesn’t work that way. You only stress your heart and receive nothing! Learn to let go and move on. You will thank me later, I bet. There was a time I kinda hit a mini jackpot, but instead of keeping shut and squeezing my palms, I almost gave out half the money. I do not regret at all, instead I’m happy I helped needing hands in the little Way I can. I do not know where I’d meet those people again in life. Always remember we live in a very small world. Giving doesn’t necessary require having a foundation or doing it big, you could still do little and make you and everyone happy. Life is too short to stress yourself, I tell you. Learn to live free and happy!

So step out tomorrow smiling, if anyone tries to annoy you or give you headache, please forgive them and save yourself stress by buying Panadol which is now expensive, if you have enough and you see or have anyone who is in need, please give without thinking and smile. Move on and live life, do what you have to do for the day, be loving and lovely, try to keep a bright smile on your face regardless of any frustration, it helps reduce wrinkled face, believe me. If everyone in the world has a big heart, I bet the world would be a better place to live in. So let’s start with ourselves!

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