Thrill Madrid: Best team in Europe.

Spanish super cup champions

    Spainish football has always been dominated by either Barcelona or Real Madrid but it looks like that has changed in the past two years. What did Madrid do right? 

   Showing Benitez was a very bold step in the right direction. He came in with a mindset that the job was bigger than him, struggled  to keep players happy, got whooped in the el classico (a crime which is almost unforgivable in madrid), and was generally not turning up the heat on the Catalonians. Zinedine Zidane was appointed to take up the reins with the first team although he had an almost zero first team management experience. 

Christiano Ronaldo

    His first season was tagged lucky by non fans and few fans alike. Zidane has managed to lose seven competitive games in his first two years at Madrid but silenced opposition by winning seven trophies in the same time. Remember, when he took over the driving seat at madrid, they were 11 points behind league leaders/arch rivals Barcelona. The season finished with them a point away from the champions.


Lionel Messi – Spanish Super Cup
Luiz Suarez – Spanish super cup

    If we were to mention the players behind the ‘new madrid’, we would end up mentioning every player and staff signed to the team but two names that stand out are Isco and Ascensio. The later has now found a way to steal the whole spotlight in recent times with back to back screamers against Barcelona.

Ascensio – One for the future

    If we were to comment on the depth in the squad, it would take another day to exhaust details but just to chip I, a thirty-three year old Ronaldo is sure if he chooses to retire now, madrid is in safe hands and this domination may go on for three more years (look away Barca).


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