Caught up in all the mess going on at home, he couldn't take it any longer. He stepped out to a nearby bar, purchased two packets of cigarette and kept the bottles coming.

This is what a lot of people resolve to when it feels like they are carrying the weight of the world. It could be very hard for us not to make wrong decisions when we're in a dilemma but we must try because every wrong step we take starts a new episode of trouble.
When we go through this, we have a tough decision to make which requires a lot of thinking and a reasonable approach. But destroying ourselves is never a solution. We want to prove this to you and that's why we'll be starting a new series on the blog- THE DILEMMA SERIES to make us understand better. It's all about proving that life is worth living, remember?

It's going to be featuring stories and I hope you'll enjoy it. Stay glued to the blog by subscribing to receive updates, thank you

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