Dead Passion

A distant glimmer in the tunnel was all it was.

With sunken eyes I knew not now what path I had sought
In this game I played, there came another party.
The light always a distant away…I came no closer.

With perhaps an unpurged will I thread.
Consumed with a longing to make a mark.
All along… this party made no move. It watched.
With enchanting gaze I could not resist what it had to offer.

How lost am I now? I do not know.
Lost in a dimension where only shallow waters sing.
In these waters I drowned myself along with my nemesis.
And as I sunk deeper, something invisible snapped!

I worship at a new altar now.
The glimmer in my eyes lost.
A tunnel no more… A light there wasn't.
The party's gaze I was finally free.

I yearned for something worthwhile.
I had faith in the light that never came closer.
I dreaded the voices of the party's whispers.
In the end, nothing mattered after all.

I did not ask for the burden of a passion
It made its home inside anyways.
I did not ask for the burden of humiliation
It came to be anyways.

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