Free but Bound

Hello reader! Officialnnamdi Blog team wishes you a Happy New Month and more blessings to every one and their families.
Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and I know I've been MIA but I think I'm back (had to take a break cause of exams; hope that's excuse enough)
I just finished an exam and I was eating this really garnished Indomie with fried egg when it hit me; thank God. And I began to think about the various people I meet everyday and myself as well. Then I figured that some times we are free but bound. Bound by what? Bound to what? Ourselves, our mindset and our beliefs have in some way imprisoned us. Facing the reality; we are free and can achieve whatsoever we set out to achieve by God's grace but we've locked ourselves in our mindset. I have this friend that doesn't take fried egg 🍳 and it was really strange to me so I decided to find out why. He said that years ago he was down with malaria and tried taking egg this one time but ended up throwing it up so he has the phobia. Funny enough, he would still throw up if he tries it. He's no more down with the malaria that caused the irritation but he's still going through that same phase because mindset matters a lot! Do you have friends like that as well? I'm guilty of this as well 🤦🏾‍♂️ (Story for another day) 😂😂

Back to the topic; relating the story to our lives, there might have been times when we tried something and it didn't work out so we decided never to try again. We might have some limitations at some point but not forever and that's why we need to keep trying. For instance, lack of knowledge could be a limitation but hello! Even when we finally get that knowledge required we are still scared to make an attempt.
We've got all it takes to achieve it all so we should try not to imprison ourselves with our mindsets. We are free to think it all and do it all but bound by our fears and mindset.

Dear reader, we need to free ourselves from our chains and we'll rise above our imaginations 😊
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