Street Style 

Hello reader! It's Sunday and I should be dishing Sunday/Church style inspiration in this segment but… I'll go with Street Style.    So many fashion bloggers are making a huge impact out there with various styles, concepts and locations. We could decide to have that cooperate studio shoot or outdoor shoot and we could also take it to the streets with the styling symbolizing more of youth culture (common in Urban locations); this is where street style comes in. I went through some Instagram accounts owned by fashion bloggers and I'll be sharing with you. 

1. Arc. Erinfolami
Source; IG @arct5000 with @donttouchrylie // Shot by @olanrewajuadebona

2. Ikoghene Lawole

Source; IG @theofficial_ik

3. Akin Faminu

  Source: IG @akinfaminu

4. Sandra Afamefuna

Source: IG @ai_fokus //@zo.nna

5. Remi Afolabi

Source: IG @remiafolabi

6. Sofiyat Ibrahim

Source: IG @the_odditty

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