A Tale of Life

  Not everyone sees that light at the end of the tunnel. Not so many also see the silver lining in that cloud. But minority see all these and strive to succeed while majority lean back and give us a thousand and one ways to survive as a mediocre. That’s really sad. Oh, wait, there’s another set- those who do nothing but pray about their situation.   Life? I described it as a movie we direct based on the decisions we make (this was over 2 years ago). But I’ve realized our decisions may not be the only thing directing our lives. Life isn’t a game, trust me. Rather it’s an action movie which doesn’t overlook the importance of praying, planning, adapting to survive and of course ACTING. 

   Too many keys to life? Don’t worry this movie ends someday but for now we need to learn to do all that if we want to play our role perfectly. Anyway, none should be neglected. 

   If I decide to join the league of mediocres, this is what my story would sound like- This young man wakes up with negative vibes accompanied with a frown on his face, frustration in his heart and bitterness in his soul. He heaves a sigh but not of relief and drops a remark that it’s gonna be another bad day. Truly, everyday never disappoints as it only gets worse; I’ll be loosing. 

  If I decide to do nothing else but pray that would actually still be a sad story. Prayer is essential and key but without work, it is quite useless (Saint James in the Bible understood this). This is the concept most Christians ignore and they pay for it. 

  I guess we are left with the first option which involves praying, planning, adapting to survive and acting. How many times has life knocked you down? Does that matter? Does it mean you quit? Hell, no! It’s a very hard choice we have to make but we must persevere. Some of your mates are earning over a million while you’re earning 50k, so what? Some of your mates don’t have a job at all. Worse, some of your mates didn’t even see today. We need to understand that life is a personal race and we have our times. She got married before you, does that mean you won’t get married or does it mean your marriage won’t last when it happens? Keep calm dear reader and don’t try leaving your life based on another persons TIME ZONE if not nothing would seem right. 

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