What you should know about dating a Church Girl

Happy Sunday reader! I’m glad you visited my blog; God bless. Earlier this morning I stumbled upon this beautiful post on one of the blogs I read regularly DaintyM.com and I really enjoyed this post. Can’t enjoy it so badly without sharing with you guys so here’s what you should know about a dating a church girl by DaintyM

We all know the Church Girl.  The typical stay at home,  mama’s good girl. Noted,  her specie is fast going into extinction so if you’ve found her,  you’re lucky. She’s different. Her naievity can be ridiculous sometimes. But her innocence is one to die for.

That said,  now that you’ve decided to date her, here are a few tips!

1. Go traditional: in a highly modernistic society,  a Church Girl will want you to go traditional. Properly ask her out on a date.  Dress all nice and open doors for her. Seek her parent’s consent if possible to have her out on late evenings. Pick her up,  escort her,  compliment her.  And please pay for the meal,  that’s no rocket science.

2. Respect her: clearly a CG won’t see things the way more exposed, modern ladies do.  You need to respect her boundaries.  And boy!  She’s gonna have lots of them!  She would most likely have a binder full of rules and policies.  So hey,  if you’re going into this,  be ready to be a little more law abiding.  LOL

3. Don’t take advantage of her: sometimes this even happens without you knowing. A Church Girl may come off as a vulnerable damsel in distress, but don’t see this as a reason to take advantage of her. Many have done this and turned nice church girls to cold-hearted serial daters.  So please you may wanna refrain.

4. She’s the sweetest thing ever: a typical church Girl can make you delicious fried chicken on a Sunday afternoon and fresh pancakes on a Monday morning. When you’re sick, she’d never leave your side. When you’re down and out she’ll tell you how highly she sees you. You don’t wanna lose this. Guard her as a priced jewel.

5. Know her family and friends : these are major influencers in her life.  You need to know them,  talk to them,  attend family functions. Let them know how serious you are and just how responsible you are.

6. Be ready to go the long haul: hey,  if you’re thinking of a short term fling,  just swerve and pass by a Church Girl. When you’re dating one, you’ve gotta have the future in sight. Not saying all relationships would lead to marriage, but that should be the goal.  She don’t want no hit and run.

7. Be a believer : well the ‘church’ in Church Girl isn’t there for fun. She’s aware that she can’t be unequally yoked with unbelievers. Even when she tries dating them,  she knows she can’t marry them. So if you’re thinking of being serious with her and being taken seriously by her,  you need to believe in what she believes in. Not saying a relationship should be your reason for believing in God and attending church. You need to find God on your own before you go chasing a church Girl.

I’ll stop here for now and probably update with time. I hope I didn’t scare you off dating a church girl. But these are serious aspects that can’t be overlooked.  Yes,  some CGs may be willing to compromise in order to flow with the dating current,  but the few who know what they want would stand by their principles. So it’s kinda good you know some of these things.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and add to the list in the comment section!  Gracias!

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