Who’s got the thermostat (Reposted)


It’s Monday and I guess most of us are not so happy about that. Who else wishes the weekend continued ??‍♂️?? Well, we got to face the reality. Thanks for taking a bit of your time to click that link and I hope you share this post.  Here is something for the day; WHO’S GOT THE THERMOSTAT? 

This post is just to inspire us as well as give us more faith and increase our hope in God. The post- ‘ROADBLOCK; A mountain or ladder’ we did realize to a large extent our progress depends on us. (In case you missed that post its still on the blog- click here). If we choose to move or stop-it’s our decision. Now this is a reason to never give up, cause someone has got the thermostat and its good we realize that. If someone has got the thermostat then we are either safe or we’re in danger, depending on who has it. But fortunately; it’s God and if He has it we’re safe! 

Things could get really tough, times would be hard, roads would be blocked and then we’re faced with decisions. Run back? Stay at the block? Or find a way to keep moving? Running back is no way to achieve that goal but it’s a waste of time and evidence of defeat. Stay at the road block? Lmao ? this is the funniest set. Ever gone for an exam or a task and you meet some people hanging around? So these ones are there to tell you of how they couldn’t make it pass, how difficult it is but would never mention how they made no effort. Ever experienced it? Then the best of them all; those who find a way to keep moving. 
When you believe nothing you face is bigger than you, no challenge is tougher than you, no heat can end you and no situation can keep you down because God has got his hands on the thermostat, then you’re safe! He would never let us face what would defeat us, He won’t leave us in a heat that would consume us but the heat that would make us tougher; our response says it all. Don’t keep screaming in a heat that isn’t consuming you; STOP IT! Keep making effort with prayers to progress, it’s not easy. Once again we shouldn’t get this confused- God didn’t promise us a smooth journey but He promised us a smooth landing. GOLD passes through a certain amount of heat but is not destroyed instead it comes out better, finer and purer. God would not exceed our boiling point. You can do it, NEVER GIVE UP! 

God bless you for reading this one, feel free to drop your comments below. Have a great week ??


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