Little Bold Step

Experience requires the need to pay a little more attention to the little things we tend to ignore. Time to time, some marriages collapse because of how the couple ignore and disregard little things. They might seem trivia but we forget that little sand and stones make a big building block. Everything big starts with something little.
Look at big successful men & women when sharing experience, they do not forget or ignore the little big steps they once took that established them. Though most times, the first steps we take in our journey to something huge may be small, shaky and hard to take but at the same time represent the roots and beginnings of great achievements.

Little things should not be ignored. Remember most fire outbreaks starts with a little fire. Also before learning to write a sentence, we must learn the little alphabets. It doesn’t matter how little these details may seem but most times, they cannot be ignored without consequences. It is known that great successes are daily achieved by people who pay sufficient attention to the smallest details involved.
Whatever we have to do, do it well; big or small, never can tell where they’ll lead us to. Take that little bold step today and stop thinking about that huge step that will deliver instantly. No matter the work to be done or goal to be achieved, handle with great attention.

Have a lovely week ahead!


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