Hello reader and visitors! I’m glad you visited the blog today and I really hope you’ll be patient enough to read this really short post on value; I’m talking about one’s worth. 

   Have you ever thought of how valuable you are? How important and useful you are? Well, I did. So I wake up everyday trying to make myself more valuable by attempting to do important things for myself and people out there- the society. 

I hope that increases my value because I think one’s value doesn’t depend on what they can do but what they actually do. Do you think the most valuable things are in banks? I don’t think so, the most of it lies in the cemetery. 

  IMPORTANT TIP- What you can do determines how valuable you can be but what you do shows how valuable you are. 

I’ll prove it. 

  I have this very good friend who is also a blogger. Back then in junior secondary he played football very well and still excelled in his academics. So everyone around valued him as a bright student and potential professional footballer. At senior secondary he was representing his house in running events and still stood out. At this point he was also valued as an athlete. In the university he started blogging, continued running but kind of quit football. He probably can still play football but no one really knows anymore and most don’t even have an idea he ever did. 

   Self value has to deal with you and how important, useful you can be. But that drama goes on within you while true value lies within the impact of your abilities and actions. 

   How could someone value you as a good person if you never showed a good trait? How could I value you as a poet if you never wrote a poem? How could you value me as a humble person if all I showed was pride?

  So what’s it gonna be? Are you going to add more value to the cemetery than to life? It’s in your court dear reader. Thanks a lot for stopping by and most importantly; reading. Your thoughts would be deeply appreciated right below in the comment section as well as sharing. God bless you. 




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