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Its really crazy how people become the exact statue they always disliked. Alex was one of my really good friends right from my childhood. We really hated being beaten by our elder brothers or house help especially when we didn’t go so wrong. We lamented on different occasions why we weren’t just corrected calmly. Now we’re grown, thank God but sometime ago I visited¬† Alex and he broke my heart. I saw him hitting his siblings hard but he explained that it was the same way he was treated. Such a wrong mentality that has deterred so many aspects of the society.
Hello readers and visitors! How is the week going to be? (Be hopeful; for the best). This is another post from Inspiration for the Youths.

The wrong mindset and act is being passed on daily to generations and its only making life more difficult and complicated. For example; in schools, society, even in the family to mention a few. Your lecturers made you perform certain tasks that added zero impact to your life; you know that well but you’ve decided to do the same cause you passed through it. Why? You were failed with no reason back in school and it infuriates you but you’ve decided to toll that same path. Its really sad how this elderly men brag about their gained stupidity.
Lets have a quick look at the society, particularly politics. Everyone laments about how corrupt our leaders are but yet I’ve seen a lot of people who are willing to continue in that way with the excuse that its the culture. Since when did wrong doing become a norm in our society?

Even in our families; wrong attitudes are still imitated. So its everywhere but we have an option (we’ve always had this option) to be that change we want to see. It could be hard for us but its worth trying and¬† would benefit us largely.
[corner-ad id=1]They’ve made life quite difficult for us unnecessarily, but today we plan for a better future. They’ve looted so much money but today we plan to recover and rebuild.
As much as this post was prepared for the youths, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn something because its never to late to make a change. We can do it and we would do it. Be the change you seek.

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