Under Construction

   Hello readers! How have you been? We won’t act like its nothing cause we’ve been off for a while; we apologize for that. Thanks for still visiting and don’t forget to share this post. 
   If you’re a regular reader or subscribed to the blog you definitely are familiar with this title- UNDER CONSTRUCTION. It was a fashion editorial in collaboration with Fabian Whyte and Official IK but this time it’s strictly inspiration. I’ll start by quoting myself from the former article- ‘You ain’t living if you ain’t under construction’ Why would I say this? Okay, it’s either you’re getting better or you’re the best you can be, right? Well, I don’t believe you can ever be the best you can be as a human cause we’re limitless and every new day and advancement opens new doors to greatness. So reader, Are you Under Construction? I am though. 

   We face challenges to help us acquire new abilities essential to our lives. We learn everyday to get better at what we do as well as grasp new ideas. We’re still under construction by our creator. 

      You made a mistake, so what? You don’t have to kill yourself for that because, you just learnt something. Let’s face it, if we aren’t learning from other people’s mistakes we are learning from ours. 

  Two reasons why you must remember that you are ‘Under Construction’ are 

– So you don’t be so hard on yourself when you make some certain mistakes or miss a goal. 

– So you don’t become too confident in yourself then you miss out on opportunities to become even greater 

   Both implications are terrible. Being too hard on yourself could affect your self esteem and you’ll believe you can’t achieve anything. Being too confident on the other hand, thinking that you are perfect, would cost you chances of getting better. So reader, it’s left to you- Are you a finished project? Or are you Under Construction? 

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