Happy Valentine’s Day

   Valentine! Valentine!! Valentine!!! It’s here again as usual, it’s all over, it’s on everybody’s lip, it’s in the air and finally in action. Its a moment everyone; both old and young wants to identify with. Its a moment no one wants to miss out. I don’t really know your perspective and what you think about this very day of love called Valentine,but just know that’s it’s all about sharing love.     Let’s take it this way, this whole celebration started from the celebration of the feast day of St Valentine. He is a saint that was known for sharing love and helping the needy and less privileged with joy and without grudges. He was also a priest well known for this till he was prisoned and later killed, not until then did the church set out a day for the celebration of his feast day which is this very day we celebrate; 14th February. 

 It’s all about showing love to the less privilege, the ones that needs love most in our society today. 

   So hello everyone, it’s not all about showing love to only your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, friends and family- extend the love to everyone out there. God bless you. OfficialNnamdi Blog and team wished you a Happy Valentine’s Day.       


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