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Hello everyone; readers and visitors. It’s the first time I’ll be collaborating with so many amazing bloggers at once in a project so I’ll love to say, ‘thank you’ to Anuli Krizteeyn of Anuli’s Blog and appreciate you as well for clicking that link! I’m Nnamdi and I’m an inspirational, fashion and lifestyle blogger.    That’s enough about me; now, how did I end up doing this? Krizteeyn hit me up with this great idea about ‘Inspire Week’ and it sounded golden; I couldn’t miss out on that and my topic is ‘Stand Out’ 

   I sat with two friends of mine to discuss this cause I had some unanswered questions I had to solve like;

– What does it mean to stand out?

– ‘Standing out’ and ‘being yourself’. is there any difference?

– Do you have to be yourself to stand out. 

– Does ‘being yourself’ necessarily mean that you stand out?

  And thanks to them I could reach a conclusion. 

     Let’s begin with what it means to ‘Stand Out’. Standing out simply means being distinct, different, distinguishing yourself. In this context this is going to be our definition for ‘Stand Out’- something or someone, as a person, performance, etc., remarkably superior to others. 

I’ve always believed that everyone is not the same because the Holy Bible told me so; it told me that I’m fearfully and wonderfully made. It also told me that I’m peculiar so why should I doubt? I’m just trying to make you understand from my view that we aren’t the same as any other person; we have our talent combination which differs from our neighbor. With all our variations don’t you think we stand out? We’ll answer that question along the line. 

  ‘Standing out’ and ‘Being yourself’ is there any difference?

  Actually there is a difference. Being yourself is simply you being what you like, think of, your habits and your blood contents. With all these you should stand out but why not then? I believe to stand out you need to perfect yourself (this is what a friend probably confused with ‘going beyond who we are to stand out’). I’ll prove this by having us look at the lives of great people who stand out. A dancer like Kafee wasn’t standing out right from birth or was she? But as she worked harder at perfecting herself till she stood out. Let’s also consider Einstein our great scientist- was he born a genius? Probably. Did people know him while he was so young? No, at least not until he started perfecting himself and coming up with postulations and laws. Me, you, do they know us quite well? Not really cause we are still perfecting ourselves but soon ? 

  At this point I should mention that ‘Standing Out’ is a journey. We could be ourselves but we might not stand out cause we aren’t being the best of who we are. 

    Do you have to be yourself to stand out? Actually, you could stand out but not be yourself. Yep, but won’t that be hypocrisy- fake. So why not we perfect ourselves and ‘Stand Out’ rather than live a movie and call it a life. 

    Does being yourself necessarily mean you stand out? Yes, it does but remember it’s a journey and it involves us perfecting ourselves daily so we do not fade. 

    I was able to put together few tips I help us stand out. 

– Be yourself 

– Keep perfecting yourself 

– Believe in YOU

– Stand for what you believe. 

   God help us as we Stand out for him as we were created to. Feel free to drop your comments in the section below. Thank you so much for the time you dedicated to reading this ???? Also note that ‘Inspire week runs all through 7 days starting from today so you could catch up on Kristeeyn’s blog on

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