How I got ‘FRIENDZONED’ – Episode 1

    Hello reader and once again I’m wishing you a happy new month. Today I’ll be telling you a story, hopefully it interests you. It’s about how I got to this place most of us know about; called the ‘FRIENDZONE’. Guess who took me there? A light-skinned, no, a dark-skinned… Okay I’m not so sure of the skin tone cause she always has a make-up on but she was really beautiful and nice (not too sure of the ‘nice’ part so I’ll leave you to judge for me)    My codename for her is going to be ‘Zonna’ so that way, I don’t have to refer to her as ‘her’ all the time. 

   I met Zonna about three months ago and I don’t think I’ll ever forget that day. It was a rainy day and I was out to see a friend. I decided to go in a public transport, to be precise- a DANFO(local name given to mini Volkswagen busses in Lagos). 

I had my ear plugs on with music playing while I kept watching everyone’s face- as usual. And then… I stopped. I saw something, something exceptional and beautiful. She was really beautiful, with a straight face that made it difficult to tell her mood and a red glowing dress which portrayed a ‘lit’ fashion taste. Well, at this point there was no need staring at other faces anymore cause I found the best already. All I was waiting for was to hear her speak. This actually happens some times but it’s mere admiration. Mere admiration? Yeah, for some and for others, nah! I didn’t see clearly. ?? But I did want to hear her speak. Not more than 10 minutes later the bus grind to a halt and she made a move. Immediately, I took off my ear plug and paid attention. And she spoke; was it nice? Oh yes, it was but had a sad remark and an anxious tone. Her purse was missing! She tried to explain to the driver as she stood in the rain but he wasn’t interested in the story. Immediately, a Good Samaritan alighted from the bus and offered to pay for her; it was me. What was I thinking? Well, this happens when you watch too many romantic movies. Here’s what I saw; a Korean movie where I walk in the rain with a beautiful lady and then she sees me as her ‘Superman’. That happens in the movies but let’s face the reality that struck me. She appreciated by thanking me continuously and with so much courage I mention that it was nothing. We moved closer to a shade at the bus stop and I had a lot going through my mind especially how I just met a beautiful lady. Then she thanked me once again but this time I saw her face clearly, smiling with a sigh of relief. Unknown to me, a black Evil spirit (Honda EOS ) had just pulled over and little did I know that it was going to be the second to the last sentence I would hear from her that day. Quickly, she said good bye, thanks for the assistance and got into the car. I smiled cause it was nothing like the movies. Anything ever shocked you so badly you smiled first?

 Wait! I’m smiling? Am I alright? What’s going on? Why am I in the rain? Where’s my beautiful lady? Who is she? Too many questions but they kept running in one place- my head. Fortunately, my friends house is one bus stop away from where I was but it still hurt. I didn’t know her name, or number and still I was in the rain. The ‘Good Samaritan’ just became the ‘Lone walker’ with no shade over his head. 

Thank you Zonna. 

      To be continued…

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